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Welcome to myEFG

myEFG is a innovative financial management software that helps you organize, store, and manage all your important financial accounts in one place. myEFG is a web based software, allowing you to securely view and stay up-to-date on your accounts 24/7 no matter where you are.

myEFG users login to your account by clicking here.   myEFG

View all of your accounts in one secure location

With myEFG, you can view your bank accounts, credit card balances, investment accounts, 529 plans, insurance policies, mortgages, and various other financial accounts in one safe secure location. In addition to online accounts, you can add the value of your real estate, personal property, and any other asset you own to get a realistic idea of your overall net worth.

Store important documents securely for protection.

myEFG allows you the ability to scan documents; such as wills, insurance policies, passports, birth certificates, powers of attorney, trust documents or any other document you feel is important into your personal Vault. The Vault is a cloud storage system, which means all documents are securely stored online. So if you lose a document or it is destroyed, you can still rest assure that a backup copy exists.

Increase knowledge about your financial situation.

In a constantly evolving financial world, you may sometimes feel trying to understand how your financial plan ties in together. myEFG looks to answer some of these worries in two different ways. The first allows you the ability to run various reports that range from big picture reports such as net worth statements, all the way down to detailed estate planning techniques and insurance reports.

In addition to providing reports, the Education Center offers to teach you through various types of applications. With the Education Center you can view short educational books, watch videos, and read new articles on a whole variety of topics right from the comfort of your own computer.