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A Word from Our Founder

Brian Everett, Certified Financial Planner:
Certified Wealth Strategist®

Founder, Everett Financial Group

As a business owner for many years and the founder of Everett Financial Group, I know that it takes planning and hard work to achieve long-term goals. I feel fortunate that I was raised to appreciate fundamental values and the virtues of preparation and persistence. Later, when I started and managed several businesses, I also learned the importance of defining a vision for the future.

Everett Financial Group provides me the opportunity to work closely with each of our clients, helping you to articulate your personal vision of retirement and develop a strategic plan for achieving your goals over time. In addition to working with individuals, Everett Financial Group has conducted retirement seminars for companies including AT&T, Kraft, Xerox, Grandy’s, Texas Instruments, Converse, Southwest Airlines, and the City of Dallas.

Growing up with a deep desire to help people, I have helped hundreds of seniors to retire successfully throughout my career. Clients often come to me at a critical moment in life: they’re saying goodbye to one or more salaries, they need advice with their retirement distributions, and they want to ensure they can travel, relax, and see more of their grandchildren.

You can count on me and the Everett Financial team to work just as hard on your behalf. I want to help you make the most appropriate decisions to sustain your lifestyle, grow your assets, and minimize taxes. Whatever your personal retirement goals may be, achieving them begins with defining your vision for the future.

I encourage you to discover how Everett Financial Group can help you pursue your goals for preservation and growth in today’s volatile markets. Click on this link to learn about our Advance and Protect investment philosophy.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to hearing from you and determining how Everett Financial Group can help you meet your long-term financial goals.

Brian Everett