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Our Process

What matters in the end is not the investments you choose, but whether your financial portfolio enables you to live the life you envision.

As your financial advisor, Everett Financial Group can help you create a comprehensive financial plan that clarifies your choices and enables you to make effective decisions.

We communicate with you in simple, common-sense terms, enabling you to make the best possible decisions for your family.

To achieve this goal, we follow a five-step process:

STEP 1: Analysis

Here we gather facts about your current investments, history, preferences, and risk tolerance, as well as tax and estate planning goals. Even more importantly, we help you define a vision for your retirement future — and determine how your investments can help you achieve this goal.

STEP 2: Plan presentation

After we have mutually determined that Everett Financial Group is the right firm for you, we will design an initial financial plan. This plan will reflect the information we collected in our first meeting as well as our expertise, experience, and independent research. At the second appointment we will discuss our analysis and initial recommendations with you.

STEP 3: Transition

Once you have decided to partner with Everett Financial Group, we strive for a seamless transition. After you provide us with the needed information and signatures, we will fully manage the process of transferring your assets to Everett Financial Group. We pay special attention to tax-efficient transitions. All cost basis information will be verified and maintained and we will work with your accountant, attorney, and previous advisors as needed.

STEP 4: Implementation

After the transition is complete, your investment plan will be implemented based on the investment blueprint you have agreed upon. Also, any cash management needs such as systematic deposits or withdrawals will be established on any account involved.

STEP 5: Education and communication

Ongoing and proactive analysis of investments, tax strategies, and estate planning issues, as you move through life changes, helps keep you comfortable and informed. We are in touch with you often to ensure that your financial plan stays in line with your current vision for retirement. Client education meetings, conference calls, webcasts, and a weekly email commentary are all available to you to keep you abreast of the changing economic climate.

Learn how our process can help Advance and Protect the wealth you have built in today’s volatile markets.